Emissive materials and amplification

After several requests I figured out the issue with emissive materials. Although they're not 100% perfect, lights and other glowing surfaces will now render again. There's also an additional control to amplify emissive surfaces scene-wide, which really fills the screen out with detail for those beauty shots. View the full image here: http://i.imgur.com/kShElAn.jpg (read more....)

Advanced Cel Shader Pack User Guide

Hello there! I'm Antidamage and I'm an aspiring Unreal Engine 4 developer! My main claim to fame right now is the Advanced Cel Shader Pack - a post-process asset that can be added to any game to provide detailed and gorgeous cel shading. I'm not just using it for my own games, it's also available for download and will soon be available on Epic's Unreal Engine marketplace for purchase. So what is it? It's the right side of this: It's essentially a post-process effect that analyzes various buffers from the render pipeline and redraws them in realtime. It's fast - the speed cost on top of the existing render pipeline is minimal. Controls The cel shader gives you an array of ways to tune and control your cel shading: Each group provides control over an aspect of the cel shader. Cel Detail (read more....)